Shabbat morning services at Beth Tefilah are now reopened. Attendance is limited to 20 people. Please let the Rabbi know you are attending by calling (519) 694-7708 or - The COVID protocol for services appears at the end of your Weekly Bulletin.

Sunday School will continue to meet remotely for the time being.

No Kiddush until further notice

Indoor Service at Beth Tefilah, Shabbat 9:30 AM

Beth Tefilah now holds indoor services (Kabbalat Shabbat on Friday Evenings at 7:30 PM - temporarily cancelled) on Shabbat mornings at 9:30 AM with appropriate distancing protocols.

You may read about these protocols at the bottom of the Weekly Bulletin.

Upcoming Events

Megillah Reading

Megillah Reading Beth Tefilah will host a Zoom Purim party from the Shull on Thursday evening, February 25, 6:15 PM. 6:15: Aron Mathews Purim Magic show (as seen on Illusionarium and the Wester Fair). 6:45 Megilah Reading - This reading is just for show. One does not fulfill the Mitzvah via Zoom. 7:15 Masquerade Contest. Please come to the Zoom party dressed up in your most exciting Purim costume and you will get to introduce yourself to the entire group. Judges will select a winner and two runner ups.

Zoom details are included in the Weekly Bulletin

In-Person Megilah Reading To ensure that everyone can hear the Megilah in-person this Purim, we will hold seven separate in-person Megilah readings at Beth Tefilah, each capped at 10 people. If the regulations change, we will adapt.

In-person readings will be held on Thursday night, 9:30 PM .

Friday: 7:00 AM 9:00 AM 11:00 AM 1:00 PM 3:00 PM 5:00 PM

Advance registration is necessary. To register contact Rabbi Gurkow (519) 694-7708 or

A disinfection procedure will be in place and the synagogue will be aired out between readings.

If you are unable to attend in-person and want someone to read for you from the backyard of your home, and there are fewer than five people at your home, please contact Rabbi Gurkow to make arrangements.

Board Meeting

Board Meeting January 11, 2021

If you would like a copy of the minutes of the recent AGM and previous Board meetings, please send an e-mail to

Special thanks to:

Kayla Molnar and Pattu Cufio for taking care of the shul garden this year

Shul Programs

Indoor Services at Beth Tefilah, Kabbalat Shabbat and Shabbat morning are suspended until further notice due to the State of Emergency declared by the province. The Board will continue to monitor the situation.

Sunday School has resumed using remote learning.

Indoor Services at Beth Tefilah, Kabbalat Shabbat and Shabbat morning.

Beth Tefilah now holds indoor services for Kabbalat Shabbat on Friday Evenings at 5:45 PM and on Shabbat and Chag mornings at 9:30 AM with appropriate distancing protocols. You may read about these protocols in your Weekly Bulletin.

Kabbalat Shabbat

As the days get shorter, Kabbalat Shabbat services begin earlier. This Friday Kabbalat Shabbat is scheduled for 5:45 PM. During the winter season, attendance at Kabbalat Shabbat is usually lower. We still intend to meet for Kabbalat Shabbat, but there may be weeks when we don’t have services. Please check with Isaac Shapiro to ascertain that a service will be held if you plan to attend.

Talmud Class

Rabbi Lazer teaches Talmud every Sunday morning via Zoom at 9:30 AM. Current study is tractate Erkin chapter one.

Rosh Chodesh Society

Rosh Chodesh Society: Art and Soul; Live Creatively, is a women’s topical discussion group led by Rebbetzin Basie that meets once a month (November - May). Each month the group looks at the arts through the lense of the Torah and explores the life lessons inherent therein. No meetings are scheduled until further notice.

Sunday Hebrew Day School

If you would like to learn more about Time for Torah Hebrew School, or to register your child for this year, please contact Rabbi Lazer Gurkow at 519‑694‑7708 or Rebbetzin Basie Gurkow at 226‑234‑5022.

Upcoming Events Via Zoom (Information provided in Weekly Bulletin)

Rabbi Lazer is teaching his classes via Zoom.

Sunday mornings 9:30 AM: Talmud Class will resume after Simchat Torah.

Thursday Evenings 7:30 PM Thoughts On The Parsha.



Week of February 27 - March 5

Friends of Nathan Schiff for his mother Beatrice Schiff, 21 Adar I (Thur/Fri, Mar 4/5)

Pages for Torah Readings


Shul News

New Artscrolls:

Beth Tefilah has received generous grants from anonymous donors to purchase new Artscroll siddurim (machzorim) for Tisha Ba’Av, Selichos, Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.

Our donors have generously offered to make dedication opportunities available for $54 per Siddur. If you would like to dedicate a siddur or siddurim in honor or in memory of someone special please contact the Shul office

Great News!

Beth Tefilah is now set up for credit card contributions and for automobile donations..

1 Credit Card donations are processed online through

The funds will be transferred to Beth Tefilah and the web site will process your donation and provide a tax receipt.

2 To Donate a vehicle to Beth Tefilah

    Click on the link to donate and follow prompts to Beth Tefilah.

Funds generated by the car sale will be transferred to the Shull and you will receive your donation from Beth Tefilah.

Important - Please take note:

The bulletin email list was created to notify you of upcoming programs,classes and services at Congregation Beth Tefilah. So far we have used this list mainly for our weekly bulletin.

As always, you can unsubscribe at any time using the link at the end of this email.


To make a commitment or confirm a Minyan, please contact Rabbi Lazer.

Yahrzeit Minyan Email List

We have an email list for anyone who is organizing a yahrzeit minyan.
You can sign up here. Please note that only subscribers will be able to send email to this list.


Why not consider sponsoring a Kiddush? Do it yourself or with others. Birthdays, anniversaries, Yahrtzeits and other occasions are great reasons. Helping with set up is greatly appreciated and needed.

If you would like to volunteer on a periodic basis to help out with Kiddush preparation or you would like to sponsor a Kiddush call Congregation Beth Tefilah at 519-433-7081.

Monthly Bulletin:

The deadline for announcements to go into the March 2021 Bulletin is 10:00 am on Tuesday February 23, 2021. If you miss the deadline but would like an announcement to be made verbally on Shabbat, please ensure that the text of your announcement is received by the office by Thursday at noon. If using email, requests should be sent to:

Tree of Life:

The Tree of Life is an excellent way to commemorate life events, to honour a friend or loved one, or to mark any other significant occasion. Leaves cost $180 and stones are $1,500.


Members are invited to browse through our library. The library is available whenever the shul is open, for in-house reading. Book loans are not available at this time.

Peanut Allergies and other sensitivities:

Please be advised that the food served in the synagogue cannot be guaranteed to be peanut free. It is our policy though, not to allow any peanut products in this building.

Congregation Beth Tefilah tries to provide an environment in which all can attend in comfort, therefore we request that our attendees refrain from using strong perfumes and scents.


The key for the Or Shalom Cemetery is available at the Gas Station, across from the Or Shalom Cemetery at the corner of Proudfoot and Oxford Street.

Traffic Signal at Kipps Lane:

The traffic lights at Kipps Lane have been reprogrammed at our request. On Saturdays, between 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m., every time the signal turns green for east-west movement (i.e. to cross Adelaide) it automatically provides an extended "walk" time as if you had pressed the "walk" button. You and your family may now cross Adelaide safely without the need to press the button. Thanks are due to the City of London Traffic Department

Office Hours:

Office Hours for February 2021

Thursday Morning from 8:30 AM – 10:30 AM

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Community News

Jewish History on the Iberian Peninsula: A Zoom Lecture by Dr. Isaac Amon

Sunday, February 28 at 6:30pm - Please see the Weekly Bulletin for details.

Dr. Isaac Amon will take us on a trip back in time and space to the remarkable origins, experience, and legacy of Sephardic Jewry on the Iberian Peninsula. Present since the days of King Solomon, and well-established by Roman times, Jewish life in Iberia was especially prosperous and incredibly well integrated during the Sephardic 'Golden Age.' Yet, due to ongoing political and social developments, life markedly changed as persecution, discrimination, and forced conversions ensued in the Late Middle Ages, culminating with the royal decree to expel Spanish Jewry in 1492. Nonetheless, more than five centuries later, the memories and history of Jewish life and experience in Sepharad indelibly endure."

Dr. Isaac Amon is an attorney and counselor at law in St. Louis, Missouri. A proud alum of Washington University with a J.D., LL.M. in Alternative Dispute Resolution and a J.S.D. (PhD in law) in Comparative Criminal Procedure, he worked in the Hague, The Netherlands and served as legal counsel to the Missouri Parole Board in death penalty cases. In his career, he has visited execution sites and torture chambers of the Inquisition as well as Nazi death camps and ghettos in Eastern Europe. He has also met survivors of 20th-century genocides from Rwanda, the former Yugoslavia, and the Holocaust as well as Benjamin Ferencz, the last living Nuremberg prosecutor. Dr. Amon, whose paternal ancestors lived in 15th century Spain, has a special interest in the history of criminal law and procedure.

On Local Media - ZOOM details are included in the Weekly Bulletin

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